4 important battle tips you probably didn’t know in PUBG

Here is a list of 4 important tips you may not know in PUBG. Apply them to the game to gain a battle advantage.

Today’s article will mention 4 great gameplay tips but little known in PUBG. Sure all 5 tips are very useful for you in the battle of survival.

Extra viewfinder enlarges

First, we will mention the Canted sight – the secondary scope for the gun with the ability to zoom in on the target. This issue has been around for a while, but it seems that this small bug has not been noticed yet. When comparing the viewfinder image with Canted sight with the normal viewfinder (Holo and Red Dot), it is easier to see that the secondary viewfinder produces a closer image to the target.

So when you need to scout fast or fight from close range, turn on the secondary viewfinder to use it. This will greatly increase your chances of hitting the enemy.

Bullets deviate when lying down

One of the techniques gamers often use is the technique of lowering yourself: As soon as the enemy appears, you lie down to shoot will surprise the enemy. However, your gun will ruin everything. Because when you perform the action of lying down, the center of the gun will be deflected for a while until you are completely on the ground. This is really a fatal weakness in fast battles.

To minimize the center of the gun as far as possible, perform a crouch before lying down (C + Z) instead of lying down directly. In doing so, the gun center will still ensure aiming at the enemy without wasting any time.


Next is the trick to withdraw or replace fast guns to fight. When you take the first gun from the back to the front, this action takes 0.83 seconds. But when you take out the second gun, that action only takes 0.7 seconds. This means the password you put in the second position has a retrieval speed 15% faster than the first position.

So when you change the second gun to the first one, it takes you 1.35 seconds. To switch from the first gun to the second one, it only takes you 1.16 seconds. So where to place a drying gun and a sniper gun is very important. Please rely on your gun habits to streamline. Because PUBG is a fierce game, just one second faster makes it an unparalleled advantage.

Tips to use bombs on the door

Finally an extremely interesting tip for sticky bombs. If someone is hiding in the room, you can throw bombs on the door, then open the cover just before it explodes. Instead of exploding the door, opening your door will cause the bomb to greatly affect the person standing in the room. This will be a little surprise to the enemy.

In the event of a roundabout, you’re in the room and the enemy is bombing the door, don’t forget to pay attention to the door. There, traces of sticky bombs will appear quickly evade before the bomb explodes.