5 best new Android games this week

The 5 best new Android games this week have been carefully selected. Not only attractive about the content, quality of graphics, but all are released for free for gamers to freely download.

1. Disney Getaway Blast

Stamp your passport together and go on a journey of brand new jigsaw puzzles. Your task is to shape the characters in the game of match-3 (3 identical animals), with the characters through colorful tropical adventures. Players need to collect as many characters as possible and join them in conquering pieces to unlock the intrinsic like Aladdin’s magic lamp, Princess Elsa’s freezing magic, overcome hundreds of puzzles with puzzle pieces endowed.

game android

2. Realm of Alters

Realm of Alters is a new multi-platform card game, with the familiar gameplay of Hearthstone and very separate graphics. The game allows players to choose characters from the 8 available heroes, each hero will have unique skills used to turn the situation in battle.

3. Magic: ManaStrike

Magic: ManaStrike is based on the open worldview of the Magic The Gathering series to build its own real-time strategy PvP game. Developed by Netmarble, ManaStrike allows players to use Planeswalkers with the ability to summon monsters or magic from their “decks” and fight other Planeswalker.

The game’s formula is quite similar to Clash Royale when you need to use a resource called mana to summon the cards in the game, they will gradually recover over time. In ManaStrike, you need to calculate the available cards to have a suitable strategy, not to mention managing resources to produce troops continuously.

4. Pew Pew Planet
You will be the brave space captain. You will control the Angels and defeat annoying Minions. Your mission is to make the right decisions to shoot down the Minion surrounding the planet. Be careful not to crash into the planet and the bombs, the higher your level, the more Minions to destroy.

game android

5. Call of Mini Squad

In Call of Mini Squad, players will recruit characters capable of fighting to add to the squad. With those members, gamers will through the form of exile to step into the battle to sweep the zombies that are ravaging the city and attacking innocent people.

In particular, gamers will have the task of controlling their team to kill all zombies and Boss zombies with large HP and special skills with high damage. The level of completion in each game screen will be assessed up to 3 stars through two criteria of completion time and HP loss. To complete the game, gamers will need to overcome 3 modes from easy to difficult, Normal, Nightmare and Hell.