Collection of 5 good offline games for PC

5 best offline games for computers, this PC laptop includes many categories for computers with weak configurations, medium to high-profile machines, sharp graphics.

You can rely on your preferences and configuration to choose and download yourself an offline game or for entertainment when your computer cannot connect to the Internet.

  1. Counter strike 1.6 is widely known as Half-Life, a type of first-person shooter that is popular in many parts of the world. When participating in the game, you will transform into a character in the game and choose a team to play against each other via LAN. Counter strike 1.6 has simple but attractive gameplay, good character shaping and has many unique skills, diverse weapons.

 Counter strike 1.6 - Game bắn súng đối kháng

  1. Beach Head 2000

In the game, players will play a skilled gunman, control the Fort against enemies attacking from the sea. With 3D graphics, visual effects, realistic fire smoke, vivid sound, real-time combat mechanism, weapons system is a relatively accurate simulation, offline game Beach Head 200 will bring you great experiences to help relieve stress, fatigue.

Beach Head 2000 - Game bắn súng nổi tiếng

  1. Max and the Magic marker

Max and the Magic marker is a fun 2D puzzle game offline. With simple yet impressive graphics, cute characters, and gameplay that requires a combination of intellect and dexterity, Max and the Magic marker is rated as one of the best mini-games on PC.

Max and the Magic marker - Game cây bút thần kỳ

  1. Alien Shooter 1 & 2

This is a famous action game and is one of the third-person shooter games that many gamers love. With beautiful graphics, vivid sound, diverse weapon systems, many new features, the game will bring you a sense of reunion, thrilling during the game.

Alien Shooter 1 & 2 - Game tiêu diệt quái vật ngoài hành tinh

  1. Worm World Party

Game Worm is a quite gentle but attractive game. Players must control the army of worms and weapons on the road to destroy all enemies. With its fun graphics and sounds, fun gameplay, and customizable game elements, Game Worm is considered one of the most popular and popular PC games of all time. What are you waiting for? Let’s download and experience the wonderful feeling brought by Worm.

Worm World Party - Game bắn sâu vui nhộn