Esports community join hands for the Gamers vs COVID-19 movement

Big players and esports organizations such as T1, G2 Esports Fnatic, Ninja in Pajamas are joining hands to enjoy the Gamers vs COVID-19 movement with the slogan: “Stay at home and play games”.

Statistics of people infected and killed by Covid-19 in European countries, especially Italy, Spain, Germany and France continuously increase in a worrying manner. These countries have taken strong measures, such as border closures and blockade, to limit the spread of SARS-CoV-2 virus. Finally, Europe realized that isolation was the most important and important measure in the war against the Covid-19 epidemic, including the most tough measures against the people.

And to call for all citizens to do isolation, a large campaign was launched called Gamers vs Covid19. Not only in Europe, but everyone in the world can join the campaign.

Cộng đồng Esports chung tay cho phong trào Gamers vs COVID-19

To participate in the campaign, players only need to comply with the slogan: “Stay at home and play games” – Stay at home to play games and perform the necessary requirements at a time when the Covid-19 translation is increasingly sensitive cold:

– Limit contact with others, including gestures such as hugging, shaking hands, punching hands. Stay at home as much as possible, even when you feel healthy.

– Wash your hands often, cover your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing with your elbow.

– Check your health at the health center when you notice your signs and symptoms of COVID-19.

– Share instructions with your friends.

Cộng đồng Esports chung tay cho phong trào Gamers vs COVID-19

The campaign was extremely powerful in a short time when it was launched. The campaign is responded by millions of gamers worldwide with over 10,000 tweets and top 7 global trending in just a few hours, attracting major Esports organizations like T1, G2 Esports, Fnatic or Ninja In Pajamas.

Like many other sports, Esports is also heavily affected by the COVID-19 epidemic. Many esports tournaments have been postponed or canceled as this outbreak broke out in many regions around the world. Therefore, the movement at home to play games is becoming a hot trend around the world, especially in Europe. Even the world’s top players are becoming Esports players, such as Courtois with League of Legends, Mesut Ozil with Fornite,…