Free Fire MAX: These are 5 reasons gamers must download and experience this new version

The Free Fire MAX version is the focus of the global survival shooter village with many advantages that gamers should not miss.

After many times of testing at different servers, on December 7, Free Fire MAX will launch the official version. Many Free Fire gamers have been testing this new version, but there are also many gamers who have yet to hand touch Free Fire MAX. Now let us review the most authentic Free Fire MAX to see what’s special about this global storm Free Fire version!

The first thing users notice Free Fire MAX is the graphics, realistic and beautiful images that have never been. From the costumes, gun skins in the store, characters in the lobby or ingame images are all beautiful shimmering and completely superior to the Free Fire that gamers have ever known.

With a survival shooter game, the graphics are always one of the factors that attract and retain gamers. Also through the practical experience, the normal graphics level of Free Fire MAX must be on par with the super high graphics.

Hearing this, many gamers would have wanted to immediately download Free Fire MAX, but there are still a lot of interesting things about this Free Fire version too!

Free Fire MAX is an upgraded version, so in addition to graphics, character effects such as running gaits, bullets changing movements, and aiming have been remade. Not only that, but the effects of the game such as spark fire, car fire are also upgraded as in professional tournaments. So the feeling of playing Free Fire MAX will be very new for many people.

The effect is smooth and reworked in every smallest detail, but the core of Free Fire MAX version is still Free Fire and the gameplay that makes this game’s branding remains the same. So this is the reason why to say Free Fire MAX is both strange but also very familiar to gamers.

In addition, gamers playing Free Fire MAX and Free Fire can often still play together, participating in all modes because of the same server. So don’t worry about having to trade anything in this new version!

Experience on the mid-range Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro, the lag or game bug in Free Fire MAX is very little, even in the Closed Beta test. Even at maximum graphics settings, the Free Fire MAX runs relatively smoothly on this phone. So gamers can confidently download and experience Free Fire MAX without having to own high-end smartphones.

All the elements needed to optimize the gaming experience for Free Fire gamers are wrapped in this upgraded version. With Free Fire MAX, a simple survival shooter game can be compared to, even outperforming, other cult competitors every day.