Free Steam games are super good to try in July

Apex Legends

Although the battle royale game is now pervasive with many games, Apex Legends is still a game to mention in the free collection. Graphics have also been at the forefront of the game series, revolutionary gameplay, bringing new mechanisms that have never been seen in battle royale before. Apex is still very popular and there are still a lot of interesting updates, many great new characters. So, if you’ve played through this game, try playing it again. If not, it will be extremely impressive.

Unfortunate Spacemen

Set in an outer space station, your mission in the Unfortunate Spacemen is to find ways to survive. The game is a perfect combination of elements of horror and survival, giving gamers a sense of fighting to regain small life. As an astronaut, you are waiting to be rescued from space stations. To facilitate this rescue, you will need to work with colleagues to accomplish random goals. However, not everyone is on your side. One of the humans out there is actually an alien monster that transforms and is determined to stop anyone being saved.

The main mode supports up to 16 players, with 15 maps spread across space stations, outposts, settlements, etc. In addition, you can explore in 5-player story mode and 10-person survival mode.

Shadow Arena

Basically, Shadow Arena is a fast-paced PvP game, where the strongest warriors in the Black Desert universe must compete against each other until the final winner is found. Currently, Shadow Arena has 10 character classes for you to choose, including Venslar, a new class updated in the Global version this time. The game will start with 40 players, appearing in random locations on the map. Your task is to collect items, train skills and take out other players with your own tactics. You can use your sword, sword, ax, bow and arrow or magic skills to optimize your actions.