G2 Esports CEO revealed the reason for investing heavily in VALORANT

In a recent interview with Forbes magazine, G2 Esports president explained why many esports organizations invest heavily in VALORANT.

On June 2, VALORANT, the first FPS blockbuster of Riot Games has officially appeared in most countries in the world. However, even in the trial phase, many top FPS players and Esports organizations said they would participate in this sport.

Recently, in an interview with Forbes, G2 Esports president Carlos “ocelote” Santiago Rodríguez Santiago confirmed that VALORANT has enough factors to succeed in the near future.

Specifically, when asked by the reporter why he invested heavily in the Valorant game, Mr. Ocelote confirmed that the money was not worth considering when investing in VALORANT. The reason he gave is that this game is not only attractive when playing, but in the process of watching the streamers, viewers also feel attracted by the simple but equally sophisticated and sophisticated that brings VALORANT. .

He had very detailed shares. According to him, G2 Esports will be one of the leading esports organizations and lay the foundation for VALORANT’s future development. Therefore, the role of the organization at this time is to inspire and motivate other organizations to compete happily.

Since VALORANT released the beta so far, many well-known organizations have formed teams, even opening up the tournament with huge prize money (between $ 10,000 and $ 50,000).

Right in April, big organizations like T1, TSM, Gen.G, Immortals and Sentinels formed VALORANT teams. Although Riot has not made long-term plans yet, what is happening still promises a bright future for the esports field of this game.

In another development, Riot opened the Ignition Series tournament series, where G2 Esports was the organization that kicked off with an event called G2 Esports VALORANT Invitational, a tournament with a prize pool of 15,000 Euros. The next evolution of VALORANT will be constantly updated, so don’t miss it.