Gorescript – A cube-style shooter game for PC

In Gorescript, players will shoot down brightly colored enemies and discover playing cards designed in the form of a maze. This is a first-person shooter game with a classic gameplay mechanic.

Destroy many enemies and find an exit in each level

Gorescript is a highly challenging first-person shooter with cubic graphics and fast-paced gameplay mechanics. In this shooter, the main goal that the player needs to try to accomplish is to reach the end of each level and still survive. Players will encounter enemies shaped like a ball along the way. Most will attack the player as soon as they see it. For this reason, players need to use their full reflexes to avoid being killed. Sometimes the details in the first-person shooter for this PC are a bit repetitive, but playing this game is a great way to change the atmosphere.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Gorescript

In the first-person shooter game or for PC Gorescript, the player’s character can equip a few interesting weapons including shotguns (shotguns) and some other types of handheld rifles. In addition, the player also has a hammer to use whenever there is no ammunition. It is worth noting that players really need to save ammo because the number is limited. This shooter requires players to use more tactics than originally imagined.

The 2.5D style deck has many rooms and paths that look like mazes

Every single game played in a good shooter or PC Gorescript is unique in terms of layout but the simple graphic style makes all the gameplay look quite similar. Players need to pay attention to the aisles to find the way out, not to mention having to search for the key to open some doors. In addition, players must participate in boss battles and have to admit that they are all quite difficult but not too difficult as imagined.

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Permadeath is also a great option for players who want to increase the challenge and really test their patience. What’s more, players can even compare their gaming parameters with other players by following the online rankings. This is also a great solution to increase the replay value of the latest shooter 2017 Gorescript that keeps you playing again and again without getting bored. In addition, the blocky graphics of this game look very neat and eye-catching and gore is designed in a pixel style to make the game more attractive.

Game reminiscent of a glorious past

In short, shooter latest Gorescript now have content-rich than necessary and more difficult to make players play all excited for several hours. This game will definitely become repetitive after a certain amount of time but the fun can come back if you occasionally take a short break from playing, especially when difficult challenges make players feel crazy many times.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Gorescript

Gorescript first-person shooter has been released for Windows operating system via Steam. Install Steam on your computer first, then download Gorescript to participate in classic gun battles right now.