Metacritic: List of the Greatest PC games of all time (part 2)

BioShock offers players a unique, unpredictable and vibrant FPS shooter experience. BioShock consumes hours of many of us, but it also explains why humans are so passionate about gaming.

Baldur’s Gate II: Shadows of Amn is an immersive genre set in the southern part of Sword Coast, the rich region of the forgotten kingdom of Amn. This is simply the best RPG RPG of all time.

Portal 2 is a puzzle game developed and introduced by Valve in 2010. Like the 2007 release, players solve puzzles by placing gates and teleporting between them. Version 2 received a lot of acclaim when the gameplay, tempo and dark humor were significantly enhanced.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is the 5th installment in the open world action RPG series released by Bethesda Game Studio. The 8th game on this list was commented by IGN to be a game full of charm, attracting players into a wonderfully built fictional space.

Mass Effect 2 sold more than 2 million copies worldwide in its first week of release. This 2010 PC game also featured in the 1001 book of games you must play before you die, including games from 1970-2013.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is famous globally. The game is set in American culture in the 80’s, with Vice City inspired by Miami. The story revolves around Tommy Vercetti, a newly released mafia hand who wants to build his own criminal empire. Not only on the list of 10 best PC games of Metacritic, the game was also recognized by the readers of Official UK PlayStation Magazine as the fourth greatest game ever released on the PlayStation system.