Microsoft Enables EA Play to Come To Xbox Game Pass At No Extra Cost

Microsoft has turned Xbox Game Pass into a powerful weapon with a series of breakthroughs in a very short time.

When the two next generation console ecosystems came out, Microsoft was continuously revealing a lot of information that caused a stir among gamers. PlayStation 5 (Sony) is still relying on the old strategy of creating attraction from very good exclusive titles. Meanwhile, Xbox (Microsoft) is slowly reinforcing a new gaming style which is shifting from traditional buying or playing games to a monthly package trend with Xbox Game Pass. This service is considered as Netflix in the gaming industry.

In June 2020, Xbox Game Pass landed on the PC platform after more than 3 years working on the Xbox ecosystem. Right now, the Xbox Game Pass delivers over 200 games for PC gamers but requires only $ 4.99 monthly fee, which is the lowest of the Xbox Game Pass subscription plans. Microsoft later showed a more pronounced interest in the PC platform when it decided to ditch Xbox and re-identify its service as Game Pass. Over the past few months, Xbox Game Pass has become hotter on the PC platform thanks to the emergence of Microsoft Flight Simulator and Grounded.

After the impressive launch of the Xbox Series S, on September 9, 2020, the Microsoft family released another shocking piece. Xbox Game Pass will officially partner with EA Play, EA’s monthly all-in-one gaming service.

If Xbox Game Pass is famous for Grounded, Halo, Age Of Empires, EA Play is where EA brought Battlefield, FIFA, The Sims. EA Play is currently priced at $ 4.99 per month for the PC, Xbox One, and PS4 platforms and has a library of hundreds of products.

It is worth mentioning that, when cooperating with EA Play for Xbox Game Pass service, the service price will not change. This means that gamers will buy 1 to get 2. They only need to pay the service fee for each Xbox Game Pass to be able to access both game library sources.

At the moment, EA Play will be integrated into the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate package (for Xbox consoles) and Xbox Game Pass PC. With this move, it can be said that Xbox Game Pass is gradually asserting its superior position over competitors with the same business model.