Reasons why gamers should not miss Smart Game Booster

The application helps to increase FPS (frame rate), providing the best gaming experience. In addition, this booster game utility also helps improve the performance of the game by automatically shutting down unnecessary processes and applications with just one click. It also helps gamers launch games directly after boosting, displaying CPU and GPU temperatures during game play.
Here are eight outstanding features of Smart Game Booster that you should not miss:

Increase PC performance, avoid freezing or crashing
PC performance is a factor that all gamers need to care about because most games are extremely large in capacity. In particular, with low-profile PCs, without Game Booster PC will not download certain games. With just one click, the utility will become an FPS accelerator, a RAM cleaner and simultaneously manage startup items to ensure memory capacity.

The process of cleaning the system and freeing up space is extremely fast. Smart Game Booster commits that the PC’s FPS will be higher than 60 at normal temperature.

Overclock GPU graphics card quickly and efficiently
Overclocking is the act of increasing the speed of a certain component. In computing, overclocking helps to increase the clock speed of the computer, helping the computer exceed the manufacturer’s ability limit, while improving the performance of the processor.

The overclocking feature of Smart Game Booster helps to improve the performance of PCs including CPUs, GPUs, and memory cards. Tests have shown that the FPS index increases by 50% when overclocking Nvidia graphics cards. The older the graphics card is, the easier it is to increase the index. With just one click, you can overclock most Nvidia and AMD graphics cards and keep it operating at a safe temperature without having to understand those complicated overclocking steps.

Launch games and organize and organize games on PC
It can help you organize your Windows games from different manufacturers like Steam, Uplay and Origin more efficiently, moving all PC games to Smart Game Booster with just one click. Immediately, the PC performance is raised to the highest level and the game launcher will work smoothly.