Shark Dash – Game between shark and duck

Currently, Shark Dash has been released by Gameloft for PC running Windows 10.

Shark Dash belongs to the category of puzzle games. This game has received a lot of appreciation from users of mobile devices such as Android and Windows Phone thanks to attractive graphics and very interesting puzzles.

Shark Dash is based on a story about a shark named Sharkee who lives happily with his shark friends. Suddenly, one day, a rubber duck then two, three… and dozens of ducks appeared, disturbing the peace of Sharkee and friends. Since then, the shark no longer has a good time playing with you.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Shark Dash

Sharkee was also annoyed because the ducks also dirty the water in the tub and made extremely uncomfortable squeals. The two animals are increasingly confronting each other, and until the rubber duck kidnapped Sally – Sharkee girlfriend, he could not continue to patiently. Sharkee along with the shark community decided to rise and regain territory that belongs to them.

Shark Dash – as its name implies: The rise of the shark. The whole game revolves around the story of whales and a flock of mischievous rubber ducks. Although the plot is quite simple, but with a funny character design style quite similar to the famous Disneyland cartoon characters, you certainly will not be able to ignore Shark Dash.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Shark Dash

Highlights of the game Shark Dash

  • Extremely easy to play: Players just need to drag and drop the tail of Sharkee by hand to help this shark reach the ducks.
  • Collect gold coins and complete each level with the lowest number of jumps. The maximum reward for each level is 3 stars. These stars will be used to unlock new levels.
  • If the player is not satisfied with the current level of play can use the Undo button and play again.
  • Shark Dash has up to 96 levels of play and is constantly being updated by the publisher.
  • Context of the game consists of 4 locations, from Rome to Japan.
  • Wide range of attractive booty.Kết quả hình ảnh cho Shark Dash

Featured characters

  • Sharkee – talented leader – the hero of the plastic fish community.
  • Sawy – possessing a wonderful nose that can cut chains and drop objects into ducks that only know stoned with hidden hands.
  • Hammy – possessing the skill Jump Slash, can grab any duck from a very far position.
  • Scuby – Sharkee’s twin brother, a calm and calm shark but able to swim into deep water and catch any duck trying to hide.

Be quick to download the game Shark Dash and help the lovely shark regain peaceful life offline!