Tentacles: Enter the Mind for Windows 8 – Adventure game in mind

Tentacles: Enter the Mind is an exciting adventure game, instead of familiar scenes, players will travel in the mind of a mad doctor and try to rescue this doctor.

If you are looking for an adventure game with a new environment instead of the familiar ways, Tentacles: Enter the Mind will be an extremely interesting choice. Have you ever thought about traveling in other people’s bodies and minds? Try once to experience that strange feeling in Tentacles: Enter the Mind.

In Tentacles: Enter the Mind, the player plays the character Lemmy, a rather cute creature, and travels in the mind of the crazy Phluff doctor. Lemmy character is a small boy with 4 tentacles and a huge eye in the middle. Stuck in the mind of Dr. Phluff, Lemmy must try to clean up and also have the opportunity to explore the spirit lays of the doctor, from Ego to Phobia and Libido. Of course, it is indispensable to have negative emotions such as shame, guilt and regret. After all, Lemmy must try to heal the mental trauma for this doctor. This is really not an easy task.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Tentacles: Enter the Mind

The game environment with 3D images will be an extremely interesting experience. Lemmy will use his tentacles to capture objects of the game environment such as rocks or many strange objects like rubber ducks. By using the mouse, the player will take Lemmy through each stage is different and goes to the end point (the brain shaped icon that you will have to jump in). Along the way, Lemmy will face many traps like thorns, lava … and many enemies like 3-eyed fish or aliens. Although facing many types of different enemies but Lemmy can defeat them with one action is to use their tentacles and take their eyes.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Tentacles: Enter the Mind

The collected eyes will help players get better if they are injured, but it is important to get a certain number of eyes to reach the next level in the doctor. If you reach the end point (brain) that has not collected enough eyes, the player will have to rerun to collect enough. The first level will require 30 eyes but the more the next level, the more eyes will get. If you die in the process of fighting the enemy, you have 2 choices: to resurrect and then continue or play again from the beginning of the class. To overcome the enemy, Lemmy is also equipped with a number of items. These items are obtained by collecting coins to buy or collect eggs on the way. Don’t forget to regularly upgrade 3 bombs, shields and berzerker items as they will be useful for battles with tough enemies in the final level.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Tentacles: Enter the Mind

Provided completely free, but you absolutely can buy more objects with real money in the game. With 3D graphics, a quite novel storyline and especially interesting game environment, Tentacles: Enter the Mind will definitely bring a lot of fun.