The art of the game: A huge iceberg at the top of entertainment

From primitive barrel designs in the 1980s, video games are now a harmonious combination of vivid images, well-mannered music, and emotional stories. It is undeniable that the unique artistic values ​​the game designers are trying to convey.

Since childhood memories are associated with intense “icebreaking” moments and “trash talk” screens with friends, electronic games have been attached to and followed generations. Over the years, we mature and feel things more deeply, video games are no exception. Not only the combat screens, but now we also “feel” the game because of the flattering graphics, the storyline that touches the player’s emotions and the melodious and eloquent melodies that make you head through the game circuit . In other words, we are conquered and loved by the artistry of the game.

The wonderful world opens up from enthusiasm
From the rudimentary boxes of the 80’s, the game constantly transforms in the modern flow of imaging technology. From the original 8-bit images, now a magnificent Paris is recreated and immersed in the fierce French revolution of Assassin’s Creed Unity. Or you can also travel in the mythical world, fantasy of Shadow of the Colossus, Final Fantasy …

On that path of development, in addition to advanced technology, the creativity and visual thinking of game artists play a vital role. To make even the smallest details, artists have to spend a lot of effort and time studying history – context – materials, and then sketching thousands of different concept art to finally reconstruct with technology. 3D design and animation. The artist Caroline Miousse took two years to complete Notre Dame Cathedral in Assassin’s Creed Unity. She has accurately portrayed each pillar, door frame, although she has never set foot here. All of her drawings come from reading books, studying history, and observing thousands of photographs.

In addition to the true element, the artistic value of the game’s image is also reflected through the imagination and the unique expression of fantasy ideas. Gris is a living testament to the volatility of visual expression. The game is about a girl searching for her voice and color for the world. Gris has drawn an interesting story about loneliness through a variety of colors. In particular, the game is also a combination of artist Conrad Roset’s skillful, magical watercolor nuances and smooth motion design, bringing a different world of vagueness and ambiguity. .

Whether it is Caroline Miousse, Conrad Roset or any artist, it is the constant creativity and efforts that greatly contribute to the artistic value of the new generation of video games.

No one doubts that Assassin’s Creed’s series, but specifically Assassin’s Creed’s Unity, can become a useful “lifesaver” to help …

Immortal emotions through melody and sound
Besides the viewing part, the listening part also plays a key role to perfect the overall art of the game. Music has also undergone a dramatic transformation over the decades.

From stereotypical and childish chiptune audio loops, today’s game music is massive compositions of hundreds of professional musicians who have spent countless hours practicing. Square Enix is ​​one of the famous game studios that owns such quality soundtracks, typically Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts. These two names have become monuments in the game industry not only by the elements of graphics, content or gameplay but also by the soundtrack like attracting players into the magical world.

As for Final Fantasy, it’s hard to deny pioneering and serious investment in music. Every melody played, whether chiptune or orchestra, whether led by Nobuo Uematsu or Yoko Shimomura, all leaves the player with deep memories. More than 30 years have passed, the timeless melody of Final Fantasy still makes many hearts sobbing.