What to do to make money and RP in GTA Online?

Do you know the way to make money and RP in GTA Online game? What are the missions you have to accomplish to do that? This article will answer for you!

When you first join the online game, you will be in the open world of Los Santos with other players doing their own thing. There are lots of activities to do like finding hidden weapons, buying character items or simply vandalizing. Sadly, making money is not one of them, and you can’t use cheats to get a ton of money.


So we have some missions. You can start the mission in many ways: drive to some locations on the map, use your phone (press the up arrow key), or get it from the main menu. There are thousands of missions to choose from racing, missions in single-player cooking, over-frying to bank robberies. Some of the deals paid off more and some were very boring.

Maybe you want to make as much money as possible, but don’t try to make the game real like that. Get some free deals and enjoy it.

Here are a few suggestions for decent-paying missions in GTA Online game:

  • Contract Missions: In the Job menu or call in-game NPCs like Lamar
  • Tasks with double rewards: they rotate weekly, check out the tooltips at the load screen to explore more.
  • Try your luck at Diamond Casino: Using GPS to find it, you can spin the bonus once a day. If you get the casino chip, exchange it at the kiosk or gamble it with it.
  • Car theft and sale at mod shops: There are a few difficult things here because high-end vehicles will be difficult to sell, so you need to consider it.
  • Hunting for money with Maude: Maude will text you as often as you play and provide a bounty list. Getting prey alive and some great bonuses will be yours.

Above are some missions that you can do to make money as well as RP when playing GTA Online game. Enjoy this game!