Puzzle games enjoy immense popularity over different parts of the world. These games are designed to provoke the player to think about simple gaming mechanics and find a solution. The core challenge of any puzzle game is to match a number of similar objects or numbers. The simplicity and convenience offered by different mind games explains why mind games have gone mainstream.


The history of puzzles and mind games dates back to ancient human civilizations. Puzzle games have progressively evolved from around 2300 BC – all the way to the online mind games we enjoy today. The underlying concept in modern puzzle games is borrowed from what earlier generations left behind.

How Do Mind Games Work

The hypothalamus part of your brain is often stimulated whenever you play mind games. When tension builds up on your mind, some hormones are pumped into your bloodstream, creating the urge to get the puzzle solved — getting the correct solution releases all the tension, making you feel relieved. Mind games engage your brain by combining strategy, creativity, logic, and visual effects to get the job done.

Studies on the benefits of playing mind games remain promising. Mind games are believed to enhance cognitive development in young adults. Moreover, they also help in slowing down age-related mental decline.

Welcome to The World Of Mind Games

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