Similar to other action games, League of Legends also provides battle maps which contain information such as bases, forests and paths. Teams need to study the map carefully to find the most effective approach and attack on the opponent.

In order to win a game, your team must destroy the opponent’s Nexus, destroy the ramparts and destroy the opponent’s champion. One of the most interesting points about League of Legends is that players can enjoy the game for free and play it directly without paying a fee or through game portals like Counter Strike or Assassin’s Creed.

In this game, you can choose from different game modes. For example, in the default mode of League of Legends, Summoner’s Rift, players will be divided into two teams of five, fighting the ultimate goal of destroying the opponent’s Nexus. In this mode, each team’s Nexus will be covered and protected by three layers of ramparts.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho League of Legends

In addition, in League of Legends, the player can also challenge their team’s fighting ability in other game modes. Specifically, in Twisted Treeline mode, each team will have three generals with two moves. The generals in this level will have more gold than the generals in Summoner’s Rift, meaning that the champion used in this mode must have a level with more advanced combat skills.

Another mode is the Howling Abyss, inspired by All Random All Mid. In this game mode, each team will have 5 players fighting on a single route. Summoners will not be able to use healing spells and purchase items will only take place after your champion is destroyed.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho League of Legends

Crystal Scar is the only Dominion mode. The Crystal Scar map will display 5 main points arranged in a circle around the owner of a team. Generals participating in this map start at level 3 and will have the opportunity to level up and collect gold quickly. Small skirmishes are characteristic of this fast-paced game mode.

When starting League of Legends, players will start from level 1 without any support items. Before you can join the battle to destroy the castle, you must accumulate experience and level up by destroying the minions controlled by League of Legends to collect gold and XP. Next, players can use gold to buy items at each team’s own stalls. You can equip your champion with combat items like Sword B. F. Sword or Needlessly Large Rod.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho League of Legends

Once your champion has reached a certain level, League of Legends will give them more suitable missions such as joining your teammates to destroy the castle. It is inevitable that your opponent is not a stand-alone effigy, but will be generals controlled by other players. The two teams will send each person to compete with each other. You will have to use the keyboard and mouse to attack, defend, use magic and of course, the ultimate goal is to defeat the enemy champion.

If you are a fan of role-playing fighting games then you definitely can’t ignore this legendary League of Legends game.