Mind games are a great way to keep kids exercising their brains while having a good time. When playing, you are often drawn into the game to the extent of getting distracted from the fact that you are working out. This also occurs when playing mind games. Kids who play puzzle games sharpen their wits without realising. Here are some examples of top rated mind games for kids.

Blue Block

This is an assuring game for kids. The primary objective of this game is to get out of the Blue Block through a small opening. Kids can start with simple levels, which get progressively challenging as they advance. Playing this game is instrumental in making kids more intelligent by cultivating a sense of logic and concentration.

Colour Code Mastermind

The objective of this game is to figure out the correct placement of various colours, following a sequence. Kids are expected to make random guesses on the location of the colour. The computer then reveals the number of right selections. Based on the computer’s results, the player is expected to keep guessing until they achieve the correct sequence.

Rubik’s Cube

Solving the Rubik’s cube is highly regarded when it comes to keeping your kids’ brain active. Players are expected to arrange and rearrange to have each side of the big cube with a uniform colour. Introducing the Rubik’s cube to your kids at an early age will help them process their thoughts faster, improve their memory, and enhance their hand-eye coordination.

Most mind games for kids are meant to teach kids to focus and concentrate on solving puzzles. In most cases, mind games or puzzles for kids are cheap and expensive. Thus, it is advisable to encourage kids to play any form of fun and challenging mind games often.