Tennis Manager is more inclined to direct the player to a “super trigger”, holding one or more of the great players.

If Top Eleven, Football Manager has long been known by the gaming community as the flag of the sports management game, so a mobile management game for Tennis can get its own place?

The line of sports management games seems to be no big difference. If Top Eleven and Football Manager allow you to transform into a CEO of world-famous football clubs, Tennis Manager is more inclined to direct the player into a “super trigger”, held in hand. one or more players of great caliber. As its name suggests, everything you need to do in the gaming process is just management.

Tennis Manager – Luồng gió mới của thể loại game quản lý thể thao - Ảnh 1.

It’s just a manager, of course, but it certainly won’t be as simple as the brevity of this phrase. Basically, you will start with the selection and plan your activities and competitions from A-Z for your athletes. From professional issues such as training time, setting up training regime, registering tournaments to sideline issues such as creating press relationships, solving scandals and external issues. It seems to be relatively familiar jobs of the super-villagers, but it seems quite strange for management game believers in particular and the gaming community in general.

In terms of gameplay, your influence on the character’s match is also relatively large. While not directly manipulating each shot, adjusting tactics, layout and physical distribution through each option will help you optimize the player’s ability, as well as reduce the risks caused by Personal drawbacks, thereby winning the ball in each ball and winning the final.

Tennis Manager – Luồng gió mới của thể loại game quản lý thể thao - Ảnh 2.

Honestly, Tennis Manager invested very carefully in the gameplay, as to compensate for graphics that didn’t have too many accents. It can be seen from the fact that you will have to participate in many stages of controlling the game, grasping the parameters until the procedural but not least important actions such as speeding up the speed of the match.

The rich tournament system is also an element that creates attraction for the believers of the ball, when most of the standard ATP and WTA tournaments are appearing in the game. Each tournament will have a unique level of difficulty, requiring players to achieve a certain qualification score to be able to participate. Bonus levels will also increase gradually, depending on the size and nature.

Tennis Manager – Luồng gió mới của thể loại game quản lý thể thao - Ảnh 3.

A great game for those who want to try sports management games and want to get rid of boring football matches. Certainly the full-set ball set will make you find interesting and new. Download for free now Tennis Manager on App Store and Google Play and have the best moments of experience.