Honkai Impact 3 is a Japanese role-playing action game, released by miHoYo on both Android and iOS phones. However, you can still experience on the computer through the BlueStacks simulator with attached Honkai Impact 3 game.

Joining Honkai Impact 3, the player will transform into the battleship captain Hyperion, leader of the female warrior team fighting against the Lion and the Beast Honkai. Enjoy the rich story, diverse versions never seen on games of the same genre.

With beautiful graphics, lively sound, tight guillotine gameplay, promises to bring extremely dramatic battles. The way of fighting RPG, each level will collect experience points to level up, unlock new companions, each character possesses different combos.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Honkai Impact 3 GAME

New character

Knight Eclipse: 2nd Lieutenant Himeko’s armor, due to awakening Scarlet Fusion, Valkyrie robot attribute. The forte uses physical damage and Fire damage to carry out an extremely high level of agility and flexibility.

Vermilion Knight Eclipse

The first armor of Rita, the physical melee character of the Heterosexual attribute. Rita used the sickle to join the battle, the skill of killing can use multiple attacks to attack the enemy.

New story: Journey To Tomorrow

Open the plot of Chapter 9 “The Herrscher is born, the storm that covers the sky, drags everyone into it. The sunset descends, the war starts from here!”

Complementing the new level of high-level competition “Gods Profile”, giving players the freedom to fight, try the spirit in this new line to win the final.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Honkai Impact 3 GAME

New area: Helheim

Launching a new area World Open the Destiny set – Helheim, for players to participate in the function “Go to the Drum Island” to receive attractive gifts.

Coming to Honkai Impact 3 you will be immersed in the Japanese anime world, taking part in dramatic battles. So why not download Honkai Impact 3 right away to experience it on a large computer screen, giving you a tight feeling.