F1 Racing Challenge is a challenging and addictive Formula 1 racing game – a product from the publisher of Vitality Games.

You dream of riding behind a sleek F1 sports car, challenging speed and racing skills in a realistic 3D environment, come to F1 Racing Challenge. This is an online racing game with a vibrant and antagonistic nature.

In the F1 Racing Challenge game, players will compete their speed and dexterity with real gamers. In parallel with suffocating races, players also need to spend time and money to upgrade cars, buy new tires, upgrade engines … to be inferior to any opponent.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho F1 Racing Challenge

When you play F1 Racing Challenge for the first time, you will name your racing car and your character, then choose a favorite F1 racing car to start experiencing the most dramatic races. The control is also quite simple, it is to use the arrow keys to left or right, drive skillfully on the track, press the Space key to brake …

You need to complete the first racing venue in the F1 Racing Challenge game to unlock the next challenge. If your driving skills are limited, don’t be afraid to practice many times at level 1 to earn money and upgrade your vehicle, brake system…

Kết quả hình ảnh cho F1 Racing Challenge

In F1 Racing Challenge game, you can buy 1 or more cars at the same time depending on the financial situation. Each F1 racing car has been unlocked to be upgraded similar to other cars to compete with each other. Your mission is to perform well on every race with light F1 cars, smooth and powerful.

Having a total of 8 levels for you to test your driving skills, remember that patience is also one of the key factors to succeed in the F1 Racing Challenge racing game. Always know where you are, who to try your best in each race, victory will soon smile at you!